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The tridoron, kamen rider drive s partner, must use its hidden power to surpass this threat. Sapuraizu fyucha is the summer movie for kamen rider drive. Lyrics shoko fujibayashi, composer tatsuo, arranger tatsuo, nippon columbia version. Cw flash is kind of stupid, he slows down to hit enemies and is tagged fairly easily. Rain falls on february 10, 1973, as shocker is defeated by the hands of kamen riders 1 and 2. Pauloczp vinnykun surface insider thanks overtime 573. Riku sanjo returns to the kamen rider series to serve as drive s lead screenwriter, with ryuta tasaki as director. It was performed by mitsuru matsuoka earnest drive. In this movie adventure set in the world of kamen rider drive, shinnosuke tomari aka kamen rider drive is visited by eiji tomari, his son who comes from a future where krim steinbelt has gone rogue and joined the roidmudes to take over the world and enslave humanity. This is a great piece of merch for any kamen rider w double fan. Bandai kamen rider drive dx shift next special surprise future set have a question. Kamen rider drive saga kamen rider chaser vietsub on vimeo.

It was released in japanese theaters on august 8th, 2015, doublebilled with the film for shuriken sentai ninninger. It didnt help that the final battle was only between shinnosuke, heart and a flying thing while everyone else was frozen. Eiji memperingatkan shinnosuke bahwa tahun sekarang, beltsan akan mengamuk. Mitsuru matsuoka earnest drive topic 109,105 views 3. Kamen rider drive surprise future gold foil stamping 15. Surprise drive sd sing my song for you sd whos that guy sd. Generally we take 12 months after the dvdbluray release to release a movie, but these dates are not set in stone, it may take longer if there are multiple movie projects going. Kamen rider exaid double action gamer purchase now to accumulate reedemable points. Kamen rider drive surprise future trailer 3th hd video. Setelah menyaksikan ledakan yang aneh, tomari shinnosuke kemudian dikunjungi oleh seorang pemuda yang mengaku sebagai anaknya tomari eiji dari tahun 2035.

Belts ai will go berserk and lead to the roidmudes overtaking humanity. However, shinnosuke cannot immediately deal with this new information when the evil kamen rider dark drive also comes. I keep comparing it with kuuga, which had the best realistic cops jdrama kamen rider in my opinion. Belt were highly likeable and reflective of the series as a whole sometimes light hearted and comedic, at other times deadserious and intense. Kamen rider drive 248 kamen rider all media types 27 kamen rider gaim 22 kamen rider w 21 kamen rider ooo 20 kamen rider exaid 16 kamen rider ghost 15 kamen rider fourze kamen rider build 12 kamen rider wizard 11 exclude characters shijima gou 5 chase mashin chaser 3 tomari shinnosuke 118 shijima kiriko 100. A tire pops out from tridoron and attaches to him, type speed. Kamen rider drive was a great series that had cool suit designs, a unique transformation device and rider machine, and an energyfilled theme song. Namun, shinnosuke tidak bisa langsung menangani informasi baru ini ketika kejahatan kamen rider dark drive juga. The film will be coming to home video on january 6, 2016.

It comes with the four gaiamemories the colored toy usbs that came with the belt the first time around. Since 1971, the kamen rider series has become a staple in japanese society. In its refined state, the terra brace functions without a belt. Eiji memperingatkan shinnosuke bahwa tahun sekarang, beltsan akan mengamuk dan menyebabkan roidmude menghancurkan manusia.

Kamen rider zio over quartzer gold foil stamping 14. A mystery enemy appears from the future with its partner vehicle. After witnessing a strange explosion, shinnosuke tomari is later visited by a young man claiming to be his son eiji tomari from the year 2035. Download kamen rider drive surprise future sub indo movie tersedia dalam format mp4 hd dan sd subtitle indonesia sinopsis kamen rider drive surprise future. Kamen rider driver is a japanese tokusatsu drama in toei companys kamen rider series. Aired on super hero time alongside ressha sentai toqger and shuriken sentai ninninger catchphrase.

Kamen rider drive surprise future trailer 6 subbed youtube. Hd720 batch kamen rider drive 2440 and surprise future. I wanted to enjoy the police kamen rider story, but the special crimes unit is too hard to be taken seriously. Surprisedrive performed by matsuoka mitsuru of earnest drive cm. Terra buresu is an experimental prototype of the shift brace from the drive system. Dvd kamen rider drive the movie surprise future english. Already posted on the drive tumblr kamenriderdrive. The image of shinnosuke twisted the switch on the drive driver, causing some kind of standby music and the screen on the drive driver to form a circle that slowly grew and shrank. Hd720 batch kamen rider drive 1023, sht gp, yongou, high speed.

Dvd kamen rider drive the movie surprise future english sub region all after witnessing a strange explosion, shinnosuke tomari is later visited by a young man claiming to be his son eiji tomari from the year 2035. But you compare it to the bonds between haruto and the gang or the kamen rider club or eiji, hina and ankh and of course kota, mai and mitchi, drive was nowhere near. Surprise future full movie in hd visit after witnessing a strange explosion, shinnosuke. Toei seem to have gotten into a weird habit with the kamen rider series. Ameagari break cloud sukima kara aozora ga temaneki shiteru alright soro soro ikou ka dareka ga iu logic shinjinai chokkan wa shinjite itai high time hajimari wo sagashite fire up, ignition hevii na puresshaa bukkowashite akuseru fumikome surprise. Bloodlust is a different story, id say he could win round 2 easy. So in previous episodes where hed dab himself with his handkerchief, that was just a habit he picked up from his human model. With his comrades with him, shinnosuke can move faster than anyone, even during a gravity shift. Its main developer, hubert kowalski, refined it behind krims back and made it as a backup for the drive system.

Surprise future is an action film directed by takayuki shibasaki. It was released on august 8, 2015, in a double billing with shuriken sentai ninninger the. More specifically, theyve gotten into the habit of adding bonus episodes that obviously take place after the story of the show has. In the film, shinnosuke is visited by his son from an apocalyptic. Kamen rider drive kamen rider drive vs the flash cw. Kamen rider dark drive type special of the future is defeated by roidmude 108, an android from a previous technological generation who was the last and most dangerous of his brethren to be created. Shinnosuke may have lost something in the past, but not now. Kamen rider drive is a series with a pretty big cast. Kamen rider drive surprise future ost download by powerrider. It premiered on tv asahi and affiliate stations throughout japan on october 5. One might assume that as a result surprise future might feel rather overcrowded but in fact it is quite the opposite the film focuses on a very small section of the.

This is a rerelease of the initial run of the dx deluxe double driver, used by the titular character in the series kamen rider w. I dont know enough about the others to comment on round 3. This channel was generated automatically by youtube s video discovery sy. We certainly arent talking gaim or ryuki standards here but with three riders, a group of villains and a fairly extensive supporting cast it isnt a show short of faces. Full re ray mitsuru matsuoka kamen rider drive surprise future. Surprise future 2015 g 1h 1m superheroes after he meets a young man claiming to be his son eiji from the future, shinnosuke tomari gets caught up in a. Drive on the other hand took even longer to get interesting somewhere after chase arc and drive being made public. Kamen rider drive surprise future eng sub biskut movie. Shinnosuke undertakes his final mission for the special unit an investigation into the terrorist cell he was pursuing a year ago. This is kamen rider drive saga kamen rider chaser vietsub by phu mai on vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. He was a police officer for the special cases department. I would give round 1 to drive a majority of the times. Bandai kamen rider drive dx shift next special surprise. Dubbed the strongest machine, the nextridoron and this mysterious enemy force kamen rider drive and company into a corner.

Jefusion after gekidans passing is irrelevant before, at least it had a good gravure collection. Riders 1 and 2 ride off with their painful struggle seemingly at an end, but they are attacked by a car mounted with machine guns and adorned with the tachibana racing club. Faiz is the main kamen rider of the kamen rider 555 show and games. Surprisedrive is an opening theme op from kamen rider drive. Super movie war genesis subtitle indonesia post a comment jangan berkata kasar di komentar ya. A warning from the future isnt much use when youre on the run in the present. Attempts made by the kamen riders of the present to fight dark drive fail miserably. Kamen rider drive surprise future eng and esp subs by.

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