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Development of a rainwater harvesting system for the. Collaborates on writing standards and codes for plumbing, treatment systems and water quality standards. Roof top rain water harvesting civil engineering portal. An ebook reader can be a software application for use on a computer such as microsofts free reader. Rainwater powerpoint template free powerpoint templates. Rainwater harvesting seminar report, ppt, pdf for civil. In this project the focus has been on water, rainwater harvesting and devel oping products in. Rainwater harvesting is a technology used for collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops, the land surface or rock catchments using simple techniques such as jars and pots as well as more complex techniques such as underground check dams. A simulation of rainwater harvesting design and demandside controls for large hospitals. Rainwater powerpoint template is a free template for powerpoint presentations with a water rain image photo in the slide design that you can download to use in presentations about climate change but also about weather channel or national weather information.

Free liquid drop powerpoint template free powerpoint. It can also be used for presentations relating to water charity and how to use water with. Check out the benefits of the rainwater harvesting. The process of rainwater harvesting is a good way to conserve water. By modifying land use, the proportion of the different pathways, evaporation, percolation and run off change. Rainwater harvesting case study construction of household rainwater harvesting jars in uganda wateraid has been working to improve household water supplies in a ugandan village where 3,000 people lack access to safe water. The rain water harvesting movement launched in 2001 was the brainchild of the honourable chief minister. Water harvesting helps smooth out variation in water availability by collecting the rain and storing it more efficiently in closed stores or in sandy. How to setup rain water harvesting in an apartment quora.

Despite of it, due to employing rainwater harvesting techniques and. What is rainwater harvesting capturing the rainwater as it falls on rooftops, sides of buildings and even concrete pavements filter it store it in large containers. Top tags ppt nano bionic hand ppt smart sensor ppt bionic hand mems ppt welding robots robot welding ppt mems hydraulics hydraulics ppt windows 10 ppt smart sensor nanorobotics nano ppt about us search, download, upload, request and share educational ppts for free. The rainwater collected can be stored for direct use or can be recharged into the groundwater. Water is essential for life and place a major role in earths climate. This free weather template for powerpoint can also be used for other complex powerpoint presentations and also as a basic template for. Members include academia, government and business, all critical. The concept of water harvesting, especially rainwater harvesting, has been in existence for over five thousand years, since the early development of settlements and agriculture. Water harvesting techniques for sustainable water resources management in catchments area of extreme climate condition. Community perception on rainwater harvesting systems for. Rainwater harvesting is a strategy of collection and storage space of rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks, or the seepage of surface water into subsoil water channels. Amendments made to section 215 a of the tamil nadu district municipalities act, 1920 and building rules 1973, have made it mandatory to provide rwh. Submit report on rain water harvesting in government. Our earth is covered with 75% of water and 25% of land but water scarcity is a global issue because the large extent of water is not used for the domestic purpose, irrigation purpose and one of the solutions for such problem is the rainwater harvesting in the areas of regular rainfall, the perfect alternative to overcome the water.

Various methods of rainwater harvesting are described in this section. Also explore the seminar topics paper on rainwater harvesting with abstract or synopsis, documentation on advantages and disadvantages, base paper presentation slides for ieee final year civil engineering ce or ieee civil construction btech, be, mtech students for the year 2015 2016. The augmented resources can be harvested whenever needed. Using rainwater, where appropriate, conserves potable. Rain water harvesting in srilanka rainwater harvesting has been a popular method of obtaining water for agriculture and for drinking purposes in rural homes. Rainwater harvesting ppt video online download slideplayer. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. The community is heavily affected by hivaids and there are many widows and single occupancy households. Energy harvesting from atmospheric humidity by a hydrogel.

Rainwater harvesting the provision of the storage tank is the most costly element of a rainwater harvesting project, usually about 90% of the total cost. Hii nikheel, want to install rainwater harvesting plant at home, well it is a wise decision and if you are new to rainwater harvesting and looking for relevant then it is the right place to get information on home rainwater harvesting plant and p. Water scarcity is a major concern in todays scenario. Rainwater harvesting is something that thousands of families across the world participate in, and you could be the next to enjoy the multitude of benefits offered with rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting systems can be installed in both new and existing buildings and harvested rainwater used for different applications that do not require. It includes water that is collected within the boundaries of a property, from roofs and surrounding surfaces. The legislation to promote rainwater harvesting was enacted through the urban development authority amendment act, no. View and download powerpoint presentations on rainwater harvesting ppt. Pdf a simulation of rainwater harvesting design and. The government notification that made rainwater harvesting compulsory in delhi states that a building on a plot size of more than 200 sq m, new buildings on a plot size of more than 100 sq m and. The national green tribunal ngt green court has directed the delhi government and other agencies to submit a status report on whether government buildings, bridges. Rainwater harvesting provides an independent water supply and can help mitigate flooding of lowlying areas, and reduces demand on wells which may enable groundwater levels to be sustained, he. Applications in water harvesting systems valve magazine. Rainwater harvesting seminar and ppt with pdf report.

There are many advantages in using rainwater harvesting. Rural development and natural resource management masters. Rainwater harvesting advantages disadvantages aloaqua. Rainwater harvesting process, advantages and disadvantages. Free liquid drop powerpoint template is a blue water powerpoint design useful for water treatment ppt presentations as well as other presentations like water conservation, water saving or water purifying presentations. It is one of the purest form of water found on earth, because it is collected after it has vaporized and is almost as good as distilled water. Provides workshops for training on harvesting systems. Find powerpoint presentations and slides using the power of, find free presentations research about rainwater harvesting ppt.

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable process that helps in preserving water for future needs. Rainwater harvesting is the process of capturing rain and making the most of. Harvesting, storing, and treating rainwater for domestic use chapter 1 introduction rainwater and snowmelt are the primary sources of all drinking water on the planet. Presented by rajesh kumar gupta suraj kumar vishwakarma 2. Water harvesting in commercial projects involves collecting rooftop rainwater, stormwater runoff, condensate from air handlers and greywater from showers, baths and lavatory sinks.

Rainwater harvesting is the practice of collecting the water produced during rainfall events before it has a chance to run off into a river or stream or. Explore rainwater harvesting with free download of seminar report and ppt in pdf and doc format. Grow salad greens all winter for less than 20 dollars gardening tips roots and refuge duration. Improves the quality of ground water through dilution when recharged 5. Conservation techniques conserve water within the biomass and the soil by reducing runoff and keeping the water where it falls, as much as possible. Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater for reuse onsite, rather than allowing it to run off.

Us rainwater can be used directly in water scarce period by construction of sump and collect the roof top rainwater through filter media. As the groundwater resources are depleting, is the only way the rainwater harvesting to solve the water problem. Rainwater harvesting is a way to capture rain water at the time of the downpour, store the water above the ground or download the underground water and use later. This water is reused for nonpotable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling towers. Also, this ppt design can be used for water crisis presentations or water shortage. Rain water harvesting free download as powerpoint presentation. In urban area rainwater flows away as surface runoff. Rainwater harvesting is an excellent means of supplementing water for use on site if the process is permitted by state andor local laws. Community perception on rainwater harvesting systems for enhancing food security in dry lands of kenya.

Recharge the rainwater in a scientifically planned way by construction of rain roof top water harvesting structures to augment the groundwater. Water flow powerpoint template is a nice water template for powerpoint that you can use to enhance your ppt with 3d powerpoint template or 3d effects for powerpoint. Methods of rainwater harvesting components, transport and. Rainwater harvesting ppt play ppt play ppt download. Technically speaking, water harvesting means a system that collects rainwater from where it falls rather than allowing it to drain away. In this water scarce world, trend towards groundwater recharge is increasing rapidly. Global and local climate change affects much on the current water resources status. Sep 28, 2016 grow salad greens all winter for less than 20 dollars gardening tips roots and refuge duration. Rainwater powerpoint template is a free template for powerpoint presentations with a water rain image photo in the slide design that you can download to use. Storage can range from small containers made for other purposes, for example oil drums, food cans etc, but used as domestic storage, up to large tanks of 150 cubic metres. Evaluation and presentation of results and methods, particularly in regard to continuation of.

A ferroelectricsemiconductor hybrid is assembled, producing an outward vector of builtin electric field after positive polarization, while the znco superhygroscopic hydrogel is used for atmospheric humidity harvesting. The water stored in the dams, for example, has already declined as the capacity of the dam and the rainfall intensity and pattern have changed. A case study of uvati and kawala sublocation in mwingi district, kenya. Water harvesting techniques for sustainable water resources. Rainwater harvesting is an effective and eco friendly method of reducing water usage in your dwelling, which will lead to reduced water bills. Rainwater harvesting is the process of capturing rain and making the most. It is an easy, simple and worthwhile process, so it is only in your best interest to take a look at rainwater harvesting and its benefits to your home. Making the switch to an eco friendly rainwater harvesting system is neither complicated or time consuming and will result in a wide range of benefits for your home or business. Water harvesting techniques gather water from an area termed the catchment area and channel it to the cropping area or wherever it is required.

Rain water harvesting presentation free download as powerpoint presentation. Due to the storage retention and the usage of rainwater the water flowing off housing estates in both reduced and delayed. Provides high quality water, soft and low in minerals 4. The water can be collected from various surfaces such as rooftops and other hard surfaces over which water will runoff. By modifying land use, the proportion of the different. Water harvesting potential rainfall mm x area of catchment x runoff coefficient or water harvesting potential rainfall mm x collection efficiency the collection efficiency accounts for the fact that all the rainwater falling over an area cannot be effectively harvested, because of evaporation, spillage etc. Acknowledgement through the means of powerpoint presentation slides, we students of batch 201115, civil engineering department, manit, have made a small effort to study the employed techniques in the field of rainwater harvesting in iran. Rain is the first form of water that we know in the hydrological cycle, hence is a primary source of water for us. Rainwater harvesting is a technique of collecting rainwater and storing it for use. Rain water harvesting presentation linkedin slideshare.

Mali, west africa, as a water and sanitation volunteer in a small rural town of four thousand people, with the hopes that i would be able to continue to build upon my research on rainwater harvesting methods in developing countries, specifically large scale rooftop catchments for potable water. Ppt rainwater harvesting powerpoint presentation free to. These stored waters are used for various purposes such as gardening, irrigation etc. The rain water harvesting may be defined as the technique of collection and storage of rain water at surface or in subsurface aquifer before it is lost as surface run off. The photoanodehydrogelsolar cell series system can capture water from humid air and release the water splitting under indoor light, generating a photocurrent of 0. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Mar 12, 2017 it is very important now a days all as to know.

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