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D 56501 page 3 1 for versions fitted with a pressure limiting valve, observe table 3, the lower pressure applies. Hydraulics trouble shooting guide advanced fluid systems. Hawe hydraulik components pneumatic and hydraulic co. Hawe hydraulik develops and produces hydraulic components and solutions for many sectors of the machine engineering and plant engineering industries. Cross offers directional control valves, single and double selector valves and inline relief valves. A valve bank combines different valves for operating independent consumers. We believe in the value of technology and we focus every day on innovation. Actuation modes selection table, for more detailed information refer to the corresponding pamphlets actuation manual. Hawe hydraulik develops and produces hydraulic components and systems for mechanical and plant engineering. The complexity of these components are difficult to represent fully, so a family of graphic symbols have been developed to represent fluid power components and systems on schematic drawings. For the most part nickel plated valves can substitute for standard valves.

To avoid interaction, most of these directional control valves are available with check valve inserts and return pressure stops or orifice inserts to limit the inflow of. Consistent steel structure no pressurised cast or aluminium parts design of the components for high pressures. Thus, our customers in north america enjoy the advantages of an internationally well positioned company. Hydraforce hydraulic cartridge valves, custom manifolds. We continue to make custom hydraulic cylinders, valves and pumps serving a wide variety of markets. The reproduction and distribution of this document as well as the use and communication of its contents to others without explicit. Though the operating limits are a bit lower than our yuken valves, these valves should work in most of your applications. Learn all about hydraulic symbols hydraulics online. The proportional spool valves of this pamphlet are designed as manifold mounting valves. Directional spool valve type sg and sp hawe hydraulik. Thus, our customers in north america enjoy the advantages of an. Hydraulic supply catalogs hydraulic supply company.

Rexroth is a key industrial hydraulics provider, delivering high quality hydraulic products e. Here you will find company brochures and certificates for download as pdf documents. These directional valves consist of a housing 1, control spool 2, control mechanism 3, and return spring 4. We were incorporated by his son, richard, in september of 1950 when a contract to produce 100 custom hydraulic cylinders was landed. Hydraulic accumulators on the pump side p or in the case of hydr. Hydraulic check valves are unidirectional flow devices used primarily in hydraulic systems to eliminate potential damage caused by fluid back pressure.

The check valve type rk, rb, rc and re can be screwedin, type er can be pluggedin. This foundation paves the way for what hawe is today, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of sophisticated hydraulic components and controls. The range includes directional spool valves, directional seated valves, pressure control valves, flow valves and check valves either as individual components or combined in valve banks. A large cross section area is opened up in reverse flow direction via the patented sliding. These 2way flow control valves droprate braking valves type sb and sq restrict the flow down to the set figure rather indepen dent of the respective load pressure.

All ports are equally pressure resistant due to the internal pressure balance. Proportional directional spool valve type psl and psv according to the loadsensing principle sie 2 valve bank design d 77002 prop. Our current product range hydraulic supply company. The zero or idle position is achieved automatically if the valve is not actuated due to spring return. Check valves may be installed in the reflow ports r of 32way valves size 0 and 1. They block the oil ow in one direction and open in the opposite direction.

Innovative ideas, high product quality and a lot of enthusiasm has contributed to hawe s steady growth. As prefill valves hydraulic pilotoperated check valves, din iso 12191 in the press controllers for furthersuction and. Compact design minimisation of space requirements zero leakage or verified low leakage. Section 2 solenoid directional control valves make model page lc lc lc continential eurofluid eurofluid hma hyteco lc eurofluid hma hyteco lc lc lc continental lc hydrocontrol made in italy lc lc lc. Winning customer trust with innovation, hengli has been aiming to provide customers with safer, more efficient and rationallydesigned hydraulic transmission and. The springloaded ball check valve type rk, rb and er is. Operation hydraulic symbols directional valves type kv with direct mechanical operation by means of a lever control the direction of the hydraulic fluid medium flow. The range includes directional spool valves, directional seated valves, pressure control valves, flow valves and check valves either as individual components or. New flex series solenoidoperated directional valves. Stickslip effect due to the friction of the cylinder packings being too high. The range includes pressurelimiting valves, pressurereducing valves, switching valves and loadholding valves. Hawe hydraulik supplies compact, energysaving and durable hydraulic components and systems. Hydraulic circuits can be comprised of an infinite combination of cylinders, motors, valves, pumps and other equipment connected via hydraulic pipes and tubes.

They serve to control the oil flow and thus the direction. A leading manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems, hengli has been servicing multiple fortune 500 corporations. Welcome to bva hydraulics high pressure industrial. The pressurelimiting valve type pmv is a directly actuated valve in a springloaded ball version. Cross valves feature products with a long dependable service life and optimum versatility due to many standard and optional features. Bucher hydraulics offers a wide range of hydraulic elevator components that make the ride comfortable indepentent of load and temperature. Useful in applications under severe water contact or washdown conditions. Check valve type rk, rb, rc, re and er check valves are a type of nonreturn valve. We internally develop all of our expertise in electrohydraulics and simulate.

Available versions, main data these valves enable unrestricted flow in one direction and block the flow in the opposite. Pressure control valves influence the system pressure in a specific, predetermined manner. They may be also combined as valve banks via the subplates available from hawe. Bva hydraulics is a premier manufacturer of industrial hydraulics focusing on quality, customer service, product innovations and providing costeffective solutions to the global industrial hydraulics market. These 22 and 32way directional cone seated valves are available with electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation.

This is achieved by altering the throttling crosssections with the aid of mechanical, electrical or hydraulic movements. Our products catalogs allows you to quickly view all the hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial products available at hydraulic supply company. S 1 external hydraulic load signal pickup from the control signal port u consumer port a. Directional spool valves are generally employed in oil hydraulic systems. Version for combination with hydraulic valves that relieve the ls signal in the valve, for example, type psv proportional directional spool valve see further information see chapter 2. What makes atos unique and different is the human value, 700 professionals sharing a common vision with great passion, setting new standards for the market through innovation and creativity. Poclain hydraulics has become the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions based on high performance camlobe radialpiston motors. Prince manufacturing corporation traces its roots to a small machine shop by john prince in 1941. They remotely control the pressure in hydraulic systems continuously and electrically.

Over 2,400 employees work professionally and flexibly on solutions for a world under pressure on innovative solutions for customers in the areas of energy, infrastructure, efficient production and nutritionnature markets. Flow valves influence the flow rate in hydraulic systems. Electronically controlled elevator valves, power units and components for modernization. Fixed and variable displacement pumps, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic pumps, valves, hydraulic accessories and electronic components. Specially designed nickelplated valves for the mobile industry. Hawe hydraulik, established in 1949 in munich, germany, was created with innovative ideas, high quality products, and lots of enthusiasm.

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